Google tests delivery drones in Australia

Google Project Wing hmGoogle is the latest company to start testing drones for delivery of small packages. Google[x], a semi-secret team of Google boffins are working on Project Wing, and have got as far as field testing small items such as chocolate and dog treats to farmers in Australia.

Flirtey were one of the first to announce delivery drone testing, followed by Amazon Prime Air. What’s somewhat surprising is that Google are getting in on the act as they don’t actually sell products, but we’ve already seen Google Shopping Express deliveries by car and of course Google’s cars that drive themselves. Why wouldn’t they want to get into delivery drones as well?

Unlike Amazon’s solution, Google’s UAVs don’t actually land, they hover and then lower the package to the ground. Whilst in Australia with wide open spaces that’s no problem I’d like to see them try lowering a delivery 30 feet or so into my back garden between the house and trees on a blustery autumn day, let alone in the winter gales.

Google acknowledge that they’re years from an actual product that works, but they say that they now have a prototype they can drive forwards. They’re now looking for partners from fields such as aviation and commercial retail to help bring the technology to the world.