Facebook Ads: The Easy Social Shop way

Easy Social ShopIf you want to do a test run with Facebook Ads then the guys at Easy Social Shop have made it… well easy for you!

You’ll need to sign up for an Easy Social Shop (which we previously wrote about and is totally free). That will import your products from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify or Magento and set them up in a Facebook Easy Social Shop for you.

Easy-Social-Shop-Facebook-AdsFrom then on you can choose a product from your store and create the perfect Facebook ad in one click. You choose the audience you want to reach with the budget you want to spend, add a link caption and ad content, then publish.

When you set your budget the Easy Social will give you an estimation of how many views you will get for your money. Once your advert runs you’ll have access to a simple report with the number of views, number of clicks and the amount of sales the shop got via the ads.

In the background Easy Social have an optimization engine that targets the right audience for your shop and will tweak performance automatically in the background for you.

If that all sounds too easy it’s because it is! It’s not intended to be sophisticated and require a degree in CPM marketing for you to get started. It’s designed for people who want to get involved with Facebook marketing and test the waters on a limited budget without a huge learning curve or large upfront investment.

You can sign up for a free Easy Social Shop today, set your budget and start promoting products immediately. They even have a $50 promotion for your first ad and the only downside is that currently you’ll need to pay for your Facebook ads in $ (£ payments coming in the near future).