eBay UK Seller Release: new eBay Insights tool available

ebay insights

One of the really good and genuinely new aspects of this August’s seller release from eBay UK is the eBay Insights tool.

From 20th August, it will be available free of charge for Anchor Shops subscribers and business sellers with managed accounts. eBay describes eBay Insights as “a new intelligence tool to help sellers grow their business by providing in-depth information about sales and listings.”

On Tamebay we’ve long grumbled that adequate reporting and measurements tools aren’t offered as standard by eBay for sellers. After all it makes sense to keep sellers informed: they can act on info and improve performance if they have it. Hitherto, reporting has been sketchy.

ebay insighs  2

This new eBay Insights tool has been developed by decide.com. That’s a company eBay acquired some time ago.

If you qualify, you’ll get the tool for free and it will do this, according to what eBay have told us:

• Real-time business metrics: This includes sales data, average selling price over time and inventory analysis such as stock out alerts.
• Key Drivers Analysis: A way to understand listing material for the business through impressions, sales funnel metrics and conversion rate. Sellers can also compare listings with competitors.
• Business Opportunities: Sellers can identify listings with potential to perform better against competing items so they can easily act on pricing, title or sourcing recommendations.

It’s churlish to knock a free added on extra. So we welcome this new feature because we know it will be valuable. But we must question why it’s not available to all sellers.

Even a small business concern can benefit from such valuable information and limiting it to just those who have an Anchor Shop or Managed Accounts just disadvantages smaller sellers who could plug into this data most effectively and become the big sellers of the future.

We think this service should be made available to all sellers as soon as possible.

Come the 20th, if you have access to this new tool, we’d love to hear from you. And we expect to write more about it in the next few weeks.