eBay UK now more popular than Amazon

eBay has overtaken Amazon to become the UK’s most popular retail site according to the 2014 Ofcom Communications Market report.


In March 2014 eBay had the largest digital audience among retail websites with 27.3 million visitors compared to Amazon’s 26.9 million visitors. Both eBay and Amazon are streets ahead of ahead of the next most popular sites, Argos (11.2 million) and Tesco (10.2 million).

Year on year, eBay has had the largest absolute growth (up by almost 4 million) while Amazon experienced smaller growth of 2.5 million.

Unique Audience in Millions full


eBay also win on mobile, they are the most popular online retail site on mobile devices. Despite having similar reach across the entire digital audience (57% for eBay and 56% for Amazon), visitors to eBay were less likely than visitors to Amazon to use a laptop/desktop computer and much more likely to access the site on a mobile device.

Amazon had a mobile reach of 28%, six percentage points lower than eBay’s mobile reach of 34%. However Although eBay had the largest audience in March 2014 (4.9 million) compared to Amazon (4.6 million), the Christmas period for Amazon took its mobile audience to a peak of 5.8 million.


According to the report eBay users spend a combined 2.5 billion minutes per month on the site! Bearing in mind that sellers generally use 3rd party tools through the API to manage their activity, the real combined time spent on eBay will be significantly higher.