eBay UK is looking for sellers to appear in publicity video

Are you ready for your close-up? eBay is looking for sellers who want to be involved and feature in a special promotion video that will be pubished on the Telegraph website.

If you want to be involved, do drop me a line: dan at tamebay dot com or use the contact form above.

We don’t have any additional detail but this is what they’ve sent over with reference to what they’re looking for:

“We’re now looking for more traders who would be willing to appear in a video we’d like to make for the Telegraph online. We’re looking for very successful private traders (not brands) who have built a thriving business primarily using eBay, with a large turnover (ideally £1m+ if possible). In an ideal world they would be based within a radius of max 2hrs train journey from London (bonus points all round if they’re inside the M25!) Age is not important, but the more interesting/visual their set up and products, the better.”