eBay site broke?

eBay shops SNAFUIt would appear that eBay have been having intermittent site problems over the past 24 hours although they’ve yet to make an announcement.

The latest issue centers around eBay shops which are displaying “0 results found in all categories”, even though users may have hundreds or even thousands of items for sale. In other cases the shops categories sidebar is totally missing.

Of course this may be typical Friday maintenance, although it’s late in the day unless it’s taking longer than normal to be completed.

Are you seeing any site issues or is all well from wherever you’re based?

It’s also worth noting the eBay appear to have changed their site outage policy, which now reads “eBay’s highest priority is our members’ trading success. There are many events, from natural disasters to power outages that can disrupt bidding and finding on eBay. If a lengthy outage occurs, information about the outage will be posted on the Announcements Board.”