eBay promise 8am deliveries for everyone!

Have you checked what eBay are displaying to your customers when they purchase from you? If you check your buying history on eBay you’ll find that eBay are not only giving an estimated delivery day, but they’re also expecting every courier and Royal Mail to delivery by 8am in the morning.

eBay estimated delivery time

I’ve checked countless items on various eBay User IDs and it doesn’t seem to matter whose account it is (Thanks Stuart for the screenshot), or which courier and delivery service is selected. All items are estimated to arrive at breakfast time.

We’re crossing our fingers that this won’t lead to a rash of eBay defects from buyers asking where their item is because it’s now gone 9am, just for the postie to turn up at lunch time. Hopefully it’s just a short term glitch and eBay will remove the estimated 8am delivery time and revert to just guessing the date.