eBay.fr temporary delivery estimate changes

FranceeBay France have published a somewhat cryptic announcement regarding delivery time scales over the Summer. The announcement roughly translates to:

To better reflect market conditions during the summer period and to improve the estimation of our delivery, we adjusted the estimated delivery time of some shipping services. This increase is temporary and will end in early September.

The announcement gives no reason for the increased delivery estimates (do La Poste or French couriers have a ‘go slow’ for the summer?) Is this something unique to France or are do other European countries also have changes to their market conditions in the summer months?

We’re a bit in the dark as to what’s going on, but thought you should know. After all if you ship to French buyers and the French delivery services are affected then the chances are it’ll affect any shipments you send to France as well (although eBay UK hasn’t yet made any announcement about adjusting estimated shipping times to France).