Book review: Shape up your business from

BookI’ve always been faintly intrigued by and how they operate. It comes from the Christmas before last when it was clear they were having a stellar seasonal selling month in November and December.

So I decided to get in touch because I wanted to write an article about them and how well Christmas was going. The PR Press person was quite adamant that they didn’t want more publicity because they’d had quite enough already. Weird.

And I didn’t hear from them until recently when they sent me a review copy of the company founders Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker new book: Shape up your business.

A follow up to their first tome, this book looks at growing an established business rather than starting one from scratch.

It’s well organised into a 30 day review plan and there’s a bunch of useful advice and some of it’s quite unusual. There’s a section entirely dedicated to looking and feeling good for presentations that really is quite personal. The material about balancing career with family life, especially as a young mum, is interesting. The message is very clear: you’ve got to be really honest with yourself if you’re going to truly grow and develop your business.

And that reflects something the authors note in their introduction: this is very much a book written with women in mind. I’d go further and say this is a book very firmly targeted at women. And no bad thing.