A really good experience on eBay UK

I know that with all the talk of defects, much of the discussion has focussed on what can go wrong in an eBay transaction and how that can affect sellers. So I wanted to share a positive experience as solid evidence (if it were needed) to demonstrate that there are many thousands of sellers out there getting it right day in day out.

Last Friday night, I bought and paid for a rucksack on eBay. It was a bank holiday and the seller in question had their holiday settings on saying that they would be closed for business until the 26th. On the standard tracked courier shipping I paid for, I was to expect the delivery no sooner than today Friday.

Then on Saturday, I received a despatch notice. On Monday, I got a tracking number from the courier and then my parcel arrived (as expected) at about lunchtime on Tuesday. The first working day after buying it. I was mightily impressed.

One other thing leapt out from this parcel: inside alongside the returns slip and usual paper work was a piece of paper emblazoned in big red letters: “Any problems, call me!” followed by a phone number. Good work.