What do you do with unsaleable stock?

Sunday will see many sitting down at 7pm to watch the World Cup final on the tellybox and I suspect many England supporters will be lamenting the fact England were so rubbish. None more so however, than the thousands of sellers who stocked up on England merchandise and are now stuck with it desperate to unload at any price.

England-iPhone-SkinWhilst some products like England Football shirts will retain some residual value for a while to come, those which are specifically World Cup 2014 will be pretty hard to shift at any price. Supermarkets have been dumping their stock at anything up to 70% off, practically before the England team played their final pointless game, let alone set foot on the plane for the shameful trip home.

If you’re in the market for some World Cup Goodies there’s never been a better time for a bargain, but if you’re a seller it’s going to be a tough battle to shift the stock.

If you’re a seller what do you do with your out-dated stock which becomes pretty much unsaleable? Any tips or ideas for those lumbered with England World Cup stock?