Using PayPal here at a car boot sale

PayPal Here LogoI’ve played with all of PayPal’s new toys such as PayPal Check In and PayPal Here and although PayPal Check In was great for buying beer I’ve never really had call to use PayPal Here for real. That is until last weekend.

I went along with a friend who was doing a car boot sale, more to keep them company than anything else but I took a few bits and pieces along to sell as well. However at the end of the day there was a fellow hanging around the stall who’d already purchased earlier in the day and obviously wanted to buy something else but had spent all his cash.

PayPal Here £10 PaymentIt turned out he was waiting for his wife in the hope that she might have some money left. I asked him if he’d like to just make a card payment and he was amazed we could take cards at a car book sale, but as soon as I said I could take his card with PayPal he jumped at the chance.

I didn’t have a PayPal Here Chip and Pin reader with me, but you can still take card payments without is so long as you’ve downloaded the PayPal Here app which of course I had. All I had to do was tap in the amount (£10), his card number, expiry date CVV and his Post Code and there was a tenner in my PayPal account (Less the PayPal fee of 54p). After he gave me his mobile phone number his phone pinged to say he had a text message receipt from PayPal and the job was done.

If you’ve haven’t already, download the PayPal Here app to your smartphone (for Android or Apple) you should do so today. Although this was only a tenner it was a tenner more sold and without PayPal it probably wouldn’t have happened. If nothing else it paid for the bacon butties and cups of tea for the day!