Tutorial: How to emulate your eBay listing on mobile devices

We’ve had a lot of people read about mobile optimised listings and say “But I don’t have a smart phone”, so they’re unable to see what their descriptions look like on an eBay mobile site or in the eBay app. Today we’re going to show you how to emulate practically any mobile device using Google Chrome so that you can see what mobile shoppers see when they view your listing on eBay mobile.

(If you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your computer it’s a free download).

1) Open Google Chrome and browse to your listing

In this example I’m using the Tablet I purchased on eBay yesterday but you can select one of your own listings.

2) Click the menu button (top right) and select Tools > Developer Tools.

A box full of code will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Emulate eBay listing on mobile 1

3) If it’s not already open, click the “Open Drawer” link to display additional options

Emulate eBay listing on mobile 2

4) Select the “Emulation” tab

From the drop down select the device you’d like to emulate (We selected the iPhone 3GS)

Emulate eBay listing on mobile 3

5) Click “Emulate” and then press “F5” on your keyboard to refresh the screen

Refreshing the page will put you into eBay’s mobile view.

Emulate eBay listing on mobile 4

6) Scroll down the mobile view and click “Description”

When the page loads you’ll see what your mobile buyers see when they view your description.

Emulate eBay listing on mobile 5

7) Zoom in and out

Once you’re in the description you’ll be able to hold the shift and left mouse button down and then moving your mouse will emulate zooming in and out on a mobile device. You can also change the mobile device you’re emulating to see your eBay listing on different devices.

If you don’t find it easy to read your listing description on various mobile devices then neither will your customers. Take a look today and check out your eBay listing on mobile.