Should you be using Live Chat on your website?

UserlikeDo you have a chat facility on your website? Does it increase sales and customer satisfaction?

We asked Marta from Userlike what difference a live chat service can make, how easy it is to install and use and what would it cost for a typical Tamebay reader to get started with Userlike.

Live chatWhat are the benefits of live chat

Marta told us that the big benefits according to their own customers’ data and industry information are:

  • Increased Conversion Rate/Diminished cart abandonment: Userlike have seen conversion rates increase between 3 to 5 times for websites using Userlike live chat
  • Increased Loyalty: Before implementing Userlike, visitors stayed on average 4 minutes on the site, and returning visitors 6 minutes. After implementing Userlike: visitors that engaged in live chat contact stayed an average 17 minutes. Furthermore, visitors that used the chat were 25% more likely to return.
  • Improved Customer satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction increases for two main reasons a) a feeling of personal attention and b) speeding up the buying process and resolving inquiries
  • Lower Costs per Customer: Adding live chat to pages has enabled a reduction in telephone hotlines by 50%

How easy is it to use Userlike live chat?

Userlike is a browser based software and using their Chat Panel you can chat directly with your website visitors.
The Userlike chat panel is intuitive to use and adds up many features for a holistic support of the customer.

Chat Panel_1 (2)

From the chat panel, you can see information about your visitor (location, device, browser, referral URL, among others with data privacy applied accordingly to the EU law) and easily use chat macros or chat functions such as forwarding chats to different team colleagues, requesting screenshots from customer screen or send current chats (or offline transcripts) to your CRM system at a distance of a click.

Userlike say that you can be up and running in just 3 minutes!

How easy is it to install Userlike live chat?

That’s some pretty convincing reasons for adding live chat to a website but how easy is it to do? With Userlike it’s as simply as cutting and pasting a single line of code into your website’s HTML. They have plugins for different platforms such as Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Shopware, Joomla and for others such as EKMPowershop, Bigcommerce and Shopify full instructions on where to place the code.

How much does it cost to use Userlike?

Userlike offer a free 14-day trial for any of their products. After the free trial you can continue to use their free product (1 operator, 1 widget, 20 chats per month) or opt for one of their paid plans team (€29/mth), corporate (€79/mth) or custom (POA).

Userlike is easy to customize, you can build your own buttons and style the chat window to your website; set up proactive customizable invitations to your website visitors and set and measure your live chat goals. Userlike is also easy to scale: From a “one-man-band” website to a large multinational, Userlike have a solution for you which can grow side-by-side with your business.

Over 10,000 small businesses currently use Userlike, if you’d like to try it you can sign up for their free trial and after the trial continue to use the free version indefinitely.