is closed for new business

According to an email received by several merchants who have been in touch with Tamebay, Rakuten’s is no longer accepting new merchants onto the marketplace.

In both cases, the sellers had applied to become merchants and waited for several months for approval. Upon enquiring when they would be accredited they were informed that was no longer taking on new sellers.

One of the readers sent us the text of’s rejection email:

“Unfortunately we are no longer processing any new members onto the website, as our team are focussed upon the launch of our brand new Marketplace which is due to go live in October. We will be reviewing the tariff scheme for merchant and the new site will be more Merchant focussed.”

So, big changes are afoot at Rakuten that will have ramifications for both existing sellers on the site and those selling access to it.

As to what those plans are, is unknown to us. so if you have any information, do let us know.