Mobile shopping = 40% of eBay

Mobile commerce continues to grow in importance for eBay, according to an interview with one its key executives.

Not only are 40% of eBay transactions said to be “touched by” mobile but a new and very active cohort of mobile only shoppers has arrived to use eBay. New buyers! GOLD DUST!

In the second quarter of this year, 6.6 new mobile customers came to eBay to shop. That’s very significant.

The eBay mobile app was downloaded 20 million times in Q2 this year. That’s 260 million times in total. Total mobile sales grew by 68% in Q2. 1 item a second is bought on mobile in the UK and mobile represented $20bn globally in eBay sales in 2013.

I’d note several things. Sellers: are your items optimised for mobile? If not, why not? Get to it. Check out how they look on a smart phone and amend where you can.

That means: more and better photos, ditch the photo graffiti as per the picture standards rules, ditch extraneous detail in your descriptions. Think mobile.

You might not buy using a mobile device: but everyone else is. And I’ll stick my neck out.

I think eBay is doing more than 40% on mobile. They’ve been sandbagging their numbers for months. It’s more than 40%, maybe as much as 50% and it is growing.

Have you got the message yet? MOBILE IS HUGE FOR EBAY.

Jonathan Gabbai, head of international mobile product at eBay says: “Shopping has been transformed over the past few years thanks to the adoption of smartphones. Today it’s all about a multi-screen experience – you may start a purchase by browsing on your tablet at home, do some additional research on mobile but finish your purchase in store.”

“We know that 40% of eBay transactions globally are touched by mobile at some point in the transaction, and this is only set to increase. In the UK, an item is bought every second via the eBay app and we are one of the most advanced mobile markets in terms of the proportion of eBay sales transacted via mobile.”

“Shoppers want convenience, speed and choice – they want to shop anytime, anywhere, on any device. Convenience is forming an even greater part of the shopping experience and providing competitive advantage. We are seeing smart retailers creating user-friendly mobile, tablet and online platforms that work in a joined-up way.”

“Thinking about how to make shoppers’ lives simpler is a sure-fire way of tapping into consumer need. Wearables are growing in popularity for this very reason – they represent new services that reduce (or even remove altogether) the clicks you need to make a purchase.”

I repeat: this mobile thing is huge. Sellers dismiss it as a fad at their peril.