Mandatory Managed Returns carrier selection

ReturnsFollowing the announcement that eBay Managed Returns will become mandatory for some UK sellers as early as the 13th of August this year, we’ve had some questions over the pricing of the service. With two services available – Royal Mail and Collect Plus, how will the service used be chosen, especially if it’s the seller who has to pick up the costs? eBay have given us some additional information which answers the question:

eBay Mandatory Managed Returns for Buyer Remorse

If the buyer selects a remorse return reason (i.e. simply changes their mind as is their right under distance selling regulations), the system will be set up to give them a choice of return carrier with a corresponding selection of price options. They’ll be given a free choice between returning via Royal Mail or Collect Plus and can select whichever method is most convenient for them – but they’ll be paying the cost.

eBay Mandatory Managed Returns for SNAD

If you sent out the wrong item or it arrives damaged in the post, then you as the seller will be paying the return postage costs. The last thing you want is the buyer paying a high postage cost if there’s a cheaper option available in the Managed Returns system. In this case the system will automatically select the cheapest option available between Royal Mail’s offering and Collect Plus’ pricing, dependent on the weight bracket that the item falls into.

eBay Mandatory Managed Returns Scrappage Scheme

Don’t forget to set up your disposal settings as soon as Managed Returns becomes mandatory for your seller account. You can create a rule on eBay specifying that if the item is low value, or you don’t want it returned for any other reason, it can automatically have the refund applied and you avoid paying the return postage cost.

We are still waiting for the Royal Mail minimum cost to be confirmed and all we currently know is that it will be “under £3”. It’s unlikely that you as the seller will want to foot the “under £3” return postage bill for a 99p item that cost you 53p to post in the first place.