Loom bands daily deal on eBay today only!

Loom BandsThere’s a daily deal on today, for one day only, for any parent who has children mad about Loom Bands – the latest craze of turning small rubber bands into jewellery.

On the deal there are Loom Band packs ranging in size from 1,200 pieces to 10,000 pieces with prices from £3.95 (free post) to £21.95. Typically in the shops you’ll be paying 99p per pack of about 100.

Don’t worry about figuring out the best value pack on the deal, we’ve done the work for you. Buy the 8,000 pack for £17.95!

With the 8,000 pack you’ll get 5,000 more bands than the 3,000 pack for only £4 more. If you go for the 10,000 pack deal you’ll be paying another £4 but only get another 2,000 bands!