How to select variation and quanitity on eBay mobile

Tamebay reader Ian contacted us with a concern that users couldn’t purchase multiple quantities of variation listings using the eBay mobile apps. He told us:

I’m not sure if you are aware of any problems with eBay’s mobile app, but I am getting an increasing number of customers who message me, saying they cannot select a quantity of more than 1 item from any of my listings, listings which also have options. There just doesn’t seem to be a quantity option on the listings when viewed with a mobile device“.

We did some checks and it appears that some users trying to select a variation are expecting to be able to choose a quantity on the same screen (When you’re used to using eBay on a desktop the variation and quantity options are one above the other on the view item page so it’s somewhat understandable buyers expect to see them both together on the mobile apps).

eBay-MobileFor anyone that’s trying to figure it out the solution is just not to think too much about it and hit the “Buy it now” button. eBay then lead you through a series of screens, the first to choose variations and then as soon as you’ve done selecting the very next screen is where you can choose the quantity you wish to purchase.

I like the eBay apps and think eBay have actually done a fantastic job of porting a very complex buying experience on eBay to a incredibly simple buying experience on mobile. It’s the same when a consumer comes to sell their first item – it’s a lot easier to sell on a mobile app in comparison to selling on the desktop site.

How do you buy on eBay these days? Do you still mainly use the desktop site or are you an avid mobile app buyer?