eBay UK unannounced 50k listing promotion

There appears to be a listing promotion running from today, 7th July through to the 18th of July for business sellers on eBay UK. The promotion is for 50,000 free insertion fees on fixed price eligible listings.

You’ll need to check your promotion offers in My eBay/Selling Manager to see if you’re included – if you are the promotion will show along with how many free listings you have left. You will also receive an email and will need to click the ‘sign up now’ button to kick the promotion live on your account.

eBay UK 50k listings

We’ll get a link to the full terms and conditions as soon as we find them (JD found them!), in the mean time have you been invited to participate in the promotion? Bear in mind that if you have an Anchor eBay shop you’re unlikely to be invited as you already have unlimited free fixed price listing. Owners of Featured eBay shops get 1200 free fixed price listings per month and a Basic eBay shop comes with 200 free listings.

We hear a lot of complaints asserting somewhat unfairly that private sellers clutter up the site with items unlikely to sell on private seller free listings days. Let’s hope that business sellers use the promotion to list attractively priced decent stock 😉

Finally bear in mind that 50,000 free listings doesn’t excuse you from abiding by eBay’s duplicate listing policy.