eBay UK bolsters Seller Protection

eBay Seller Protection TeameBay UK is starting to open up a bit more about what it does to protect sellers from buyers and how it might well have protected you already. It’s all welcome news.

eBay say that around 30k sellers each month are now being helped by the new measures they’ve put in place to protect sellers from unfair buyer behaviour. Crucially, this information relates to the DSRs, and defects, buyers can potentially levy against sellers.

Here’s one example of new information that eBay have published that demonstrates how they are operating. This info of from the new Seller Protection help page:

  • New detection methods help us identify high-risk buyers who might be bidding on several similar items at once. We’ll take action before the non-payment even happens.
  • We identify buyers that haven’t paid so we can automatically remove any negative or neutral Feedback and low Detailed Seller Ratings they might leave for you.
  • When an unpaid item case closes without payment, we’ll block the buyer from leaving Feedback and add a strike to their account. This can lead to buying limits or suspension.

How might you know whether you have benefited?

Have you checked out the Seller Protection part of your seller dashboard yet? Last week, eBay emailed thousands of sellers alerting them to this enhanced information.


Needless to say, these data will differ from seller to seller but it’s good to know that sellers can know access the info to show that, in the background, the eBay wheels are whirring to take the sting out of some seller experiences automatically.

It’s unreasonable to expect that eBay might lay bare to all exactly what their processes and practices are in this programme of proactive activity against poor buyers. But it’s clear indication that it’s something that is going on behind the scene and resources have been allocated.

eBay Seller Protection (UK) CovereBay have also released a PDF guide to what they’re doing

I can well imagine some eBay sellers judging these measures to be weak, too little and too late. But I think that may well be an ungenerous assessment. In any case, having the dashboard with an indication of how many times a seller has been protected, must put an end to the perception that eBay never find for a seller or protect a seller in cases that involve a dodgy buyer.

That said it is a little frustrating that we don’t know more about those incidents. But it is also understandable.

Rather like the secret service in a nation, exposing and making public processes, rules and indeed successes, could hamper future efforts. It seems to me though that eBay is on the right track.