eBay Defect Report Viewer (Free!)

Are you struggling to make sense of your eBay defect reports? Do you just love the CSV download that eBay provides or would you prefer a more visual way to view defects?

eBay Defect Report ViewerThinkspring Interactive has the solution with their free eBay Defect Report Viewer. All you need do is simply download your defect report from eBay’s seller dashboard and upload it to the eBay Defect Report Viewer and the web-based viewer will transform your report into something a little more visual and a whole lot more pleasing to the eye.

The eBay Defect Report Viewer won’t make your defects disappear but, if you want to ring up eBay and try to appeal your defects, it will give you all the pertinent information at your finger tips and for sure beats trying to read lines in a spreadsheet application.

The eBay Defect Report Viewer is free to use, totally gratis with not even a sign up required. Try it today and let us know what you think. Here’s a video of how it works and if you can’t figure out how to download your defect report full instructions are also available.