eBay UK fee changes for August 2014

eBay have announced some fee changes which will come into effect from August the 14th. The fee changes will affect all sellers on eBay, both business and private sellers.

Simpler fees for some optional listing upgrades

You’ll now just pay a flat rate fee, no matter which listing duration you choose (although unfortunately in some cases you’ll pay more, in others you’ll pay less). Of course if you never use listing enhancements these fee changes won’t affect you in the slightest.

Gallery Plus will now be £2.50 per listing

(Down from £2.85 for 30 day listings, up from £0.95 for short duration listings)

Gallery Plus gives larger images in search results, a magnifying glass and ‘Enlarge’ link, and if you have multiple images access to them all in search results. It’s free in some categories (e.g. clothes) so many sellers currently using it won’t be affected.

Adding Buy it now to auctions will now be £0.50 per listing

(Was: £0.99 – £4.99 £0.10; £5.00 – £14.99 £0.20; £15.00 – £24.99 £0.30; and over £25.00 50p)

Please remember that the Buy It Now disappears as soon as the first bid is placed.

Subtitle will now be £1.00 per listing

(Down from £1.05 for 30 day listings and up from £0.35 for short duration listings)

Subtitles aren’t quite as valuable as they used to be, for instance they don’t display on search results displayed in gallery view which some categories use as default. However they’re still pretty useful.

Listing designer will now be £0.30 per listing

(Up from 21p for 30 day listings and 7p for short duration listings)

eBay listing designer for Consumer ElectronicsNB Listing Designer is free and will remain so with some eBay tools (e.g. TurboLister).

I’m not a fan of eBay Listing Designer – the designs look like they’re stuck in 1990 and could seriously do with updating. For instance the image to the side shows the design recommended for Consumer Electronics products… if you think that would help sell your old Samsung Galaxy or iPhone then you’re a braver man than I!

Updated fee for setting a reserve price for your auctions

From 14 August, you’ll pay a 4% fee when you set a reserve price for your auction. This is a rise from the existing 3.5% fee (currently the minimum reserve is £50 capped at £150 per item and the cap will remain the same). I can’t see this upsetting too many people – most list with fixed price format but for those who still run their business with auctions…. Does anyone actually bother with reserves these days?

New policy around early ended auctions

You’ll be charged a fee if you end an auction with bids that’s been listed for over 24 hours. The final value fee will be based on the highest bid placed so far.

This will really impact sellers who sell their item off eBay during the course of the auction or who routinely cancel auctions if they feel the price they want won’t be achieved. If you have to cancel the odd auction for legitimate reasons you’ll have to pay, but that should be pretty rare so not too costly.

Edited to add: eBay have confirmed that, as above, if you’re currently getting a feature for free due to the category you list in or the eBay tools that you use it will remain free so long as you carry on meeting the category/tool requirements

This includes Gallery Plus which will remain free in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Home and Garden, motors and pets supplies categories. It also includes Listing Designer which will remain free for users of tools such as TurboLister.