Check out the first Etsy UK TV ad spot

I have something of a soft spot for Etsy. They call themselves the most beautiful marketplace in the world and I don’t disagree.

It’s a friendly, elegant place to buy things from and I know lots of creative people find it a good marketplace to sell on too. We’d love to hear more from Etsy and write about them too but they don’t return our calls or emails. We’d also love to hear from Etsy sellers and write about their successes and stories.

It’s very gratifying to see that Etsy are advertising on the tellybox for the very first time. That’s a show of confidence for the future and surely a sign of ambition.

I’m not sure where the ad spot is airing but it’s a cute ad featuring real Etsy sellers.

Have you seen it on your telly tube yet? If so, let us know where.