Brightpearl extend functionality with App Store

Brightpearl App StoreBrightpearl have launched the Brightpearl App Store to allow their retailer customers to access integrations from third party software solutions simply and easily as and when then need them.

Brightpearl users can now extend Brightpearl functionality adding exact capabilities they need with apps including web stores, forecasting tools, reporting tools. The Brightpearl App Store already seeing adoption by developers with 23 apps already available and many more are already in development. All approved apps are listed on Brightpearl and are available to customers directly through their Brightpearl account.

I must say I like this approach, too many multichannel management providers either have gaps in their solutions or possibly make a hefty charge for development costs to tailor their solution for your needs. Now with Brightpearl developers can fill in any missing pieces to the multichannel solution and you can choose the apps you need and add them as you grow your business.

Sometimes this might be as simply as adding your OSCommerce website orders into your multichannel management flow. For some it could be the ability to fulfil their orders through Brightpearl using Fulfilment by Amazon rather than shipping the product from the inventory held in your own warehouse or using Metapack to simplify shipments.

As an example Graham Harrison, operations director at Audio Visual Commodity, says: “Through the Brightpearl App Store I am now talking to a company in New Zealand about forecasting, a business in Germany about reporting and a French team about our pricing”.

You can find out more about Brightpearl’s multichannel retail management system or app store on their website. If only all multichannel management solutions had app stores…