Where are the eBay free listing promos?

Here at Tamebay HQ we’ve been getting a ton of emails about eBay Free Listing Weekends, or rather the lack of them over the past few weeks.

The answer is we don’t know when the next one will be and eBay aren’t officially telling.

However we suspect that all marketing activity such as free listings promotions has been suspended following the announcement of the leaked personal data and eBay will restart them at some point in the future.

Many of those that have contacted us have surmised that now eBay give 20 free listings per month that they’ll no longer give free listings and complained that at 35p per listing they can’t afford to list items that may sell at 99p. If you’ve a lot to sell it may be worth considering a Basic eBay Shop Subscription for £19.99 per month which then gives you 100 free listings a month plus the advantage of being able to schedule for free. You can get a Basic eBay Shop if you’re a private seller.

Other than that it’s a case of selling products which justify the 35p listing fee or waiting until the next listing promotion appears.

You can check the eBay fees for private sellers on the eBay fees page.