What’s going on with International Site Visibility on eBay?

We’ve had a couple of people receive emails saying that the International Site Visibility (ISV) listing upgrade has been removed from their listings, one seller receiving the emails even though he didn’t add the feature in the first place!

We’re currently not sure if this is a simple glitch, if eBay are refunding fees because they’re displaying affected listings anyway on international sites due to lack of local inventory, or if they’re simply doing away with the ISV feature all together.

It’s worth noting that those with an Anchor or Featured Shop subscription now get very low cost listings on many eBay sites. We also note that the new Seller Centre fees page makes no mention of the ISV feature in Optional listing upgrades, although it does appear as an option in the eBay Fee Calculator.

Have you received the emails, if so are your listings still showing on International sites and are you still being charged for ISV?

17/6/14 Edited to add: eBay have announced this was a system error during routine maintenance which fired an email to created new listings or revised listings and all should be well with your ISV feature 🙂