Using eBay Follow Up Feedback to warn others

Simon is one of Tamebay’s regular readers and has just come up with a great tip for tipping off other sellers that a buyer might be scamming. Like many (and really I believe every seller should), Simon leaves feedback first for his buyers. As you can’t leave a negative, or even a negative comment, you might as well leave a positive as soon as you ship and give the buyer a warm fuzzy feeling. Borderline buyers about to neg you or leave low DSRs might just think twice if they notice you’ve already left them a glowing comment.

Here’s what Simon had to say:

I was just checking my emails and see that a customer had opened not one but two cases against me.
It was £1.50 each and the customer claimed non-delivery. Of course they weren’t sent tracked, so I had no choice but to refund in full and yet another two cases going against me. Happy days.

There will always be times when you get a LITTLE suspicious of a customer and of course we cannot leave negative feedback BUT what we can do, to help the wider community, is leave FOLLOW UP FEEDBACK.

We automatically leave feedback as soon as customer pays to say than kyou for paying. If you then want to leave some follow up feedback the link is Then search by ebay userid.

Feedback FollowupAs per the image, if this buyer then tries the same “trick”, rather than eBay holding all the information secretly another seller may be able to see by my TRUTHFUL comments and that a pattern is building.

As I said it doesn’t help us, as such, but as a community it does give us a little bit more power that we are sadly losing at a very high rate. It does take time to do this but, like me, if you have your bookmarks and links to all these handy URLs then it may take you 5 mins tops.

Tamebay Comment

There’s one important thing to remember – you can NOT leave a negative comment. Notice how Simon’s comment isn’t negative but a genuine apology – “Sorry the 2 packets never arrived. We have asked Royal Mail to investigate”.

Reminds me the time a buyer bid too high on an auction, never paid, but then purchased an identical item from me on his other account. The feedback I left was “Sorry to hear you died and can’t pay, thanks for buying on your other account”.

Also don’t forget to report the buyer to eBay. Whilst it often looks as if eBay do nothing to protect sellers, they do and will remove repeatedly deadbeat buyers from the site.