The problem with free postage is that it’s free

Roger is a small seller on eBay, he’s also a buyer. He’s also a frustrated buyer who wishes eBay would do something about their outdated postal discounts options. He knows free postage is actually “Postage included” and feels there should be a way to discount free postage costs for multiple purchases. Here’s what he had to say:

I just purchased a matching pair of used door mirrors for my car from the same seller, both were listed with “Free P&P”.

Acting shrewdly before I purchased I contacted the seller to see if they would reduce there overall amount as the sales were combined. They agreed and I asked for an invoice.

Almost immediately back came a message stating “eBay customer support advise that we cannot discount postage where item is offered with free p&p.” They instead stated that, upon my purchase at full price, they would issue a refund to the discount agreed through PayPal.

What a hassle! Yet both I and the seller were simply conducting our business . . . let me stress that . . . “our business” . . . in a healthy manner not unlike many all the time.

eBay and PayPal still got their FULL FEES on a sales price that no longer existed!

Is there nothing that this Little Dictatorship won’t reach into the gutter just to squeeze the maximum out of their “customers”?

Oh . . . hurry up and get many times more customers eBid!

Here at Tamebay we acknowledge that customers like free post, hell we like it ourselves, so eBay have a point when they encourage it. However when it stops helping sellers charge a reasonable postage cost to buyers something is wrong. There’s a simple solution for eBay – amend the outdated postage rules to allow a discount off the purchase price for multiple purchases when free postage is offered – maybe 10% or similar. That way sellers can easily offer postage discounts reflecting their lower carriage costs.

We’re aware that there are some offers you could do with Promotions Manager, but that’s really a merchandising tool not a shipping tool. It’s intended for short term marketing promotions, what we need is the postage discount rules amended taking into account free postage, to make Roger’s buying and selling experience simple, trouble free and enjoyable.