Naff loans advert displayed on eBay UK

A seller alerted us to spotting this advert on eBay UK at the weekend and I wanted to share it because it’s a great example of how poorly chosen advertising on the marketplace denigrates the brand and cheapens the buying experience.


In this case an extremely uncompetitive loan is offered (although not quite on a par with payday loan terms) on the View Item page.

In an ideal world eBay would not have onsite advertising at all: whatever they say it is a distraction from the main business of the site which is selling goods. But eBay is addicted to the revenue and retains the ads.

So if ads are here to stay, why they seem persistently unable to find nice, complementary adverts that are neither in bad taste or competition with sellers is beyond me.

It’s also further evidence that eBay is scarecly responding to the crisis it has faced with the serious hack and the Google downgrade. It’s business as usual.