How to Capture Attention on Amazon

It’s often said that on Amazon all you have to do to sell is list your products or match them to an existing ASIN and they’ll sell. However that’s not the whole story and there’s a lot you can do from the product title, to additional search terms and pricing that can make a big difference.

Amazon Strategies have just published the first of a two part series “How to Capture Attention on Amazon” and if you sell on the platform it’s well worth a read. Whilst the information might seem pretty basic and obvious it existing Amazon sellers, it’s essential reading for those just starting out on Amazon and even for Amazon expert it’s a great back to basics reminder of best practices.

From what I hear and from personal experience as a buyer using Amazon FBA will make a massive difference to your sales. I foolishly made a purchase from a third party Amazon seller on the 2nd of June and a week later on the 9th I’m still waiting for it to arrive. Even with Amazon’s slowest Super Saver delivery option it would have been delivered last week. Amazon don’t want their customers waiting this long to receive their items and with FBA they won’t have to.

How are your Amazon sales? Are there any tips in the Amazon Strategies article that you’ve found key to increasing sales or do you have other tips to share?