How do you set your ecommerce prices?

It’s one of the trickiest dilemmas that any online seller will have to face. How do you set the price of the goods your selling online for buyers?

You’ll have lots of things to consider. How much you paid for the stock and the overheads that you face as you run your business will be at the front of your mind. But what about the flux of prices on the marketplaces and on your site with regard to retail in general?

There are stacks of tools available that will help you mine data: Terapeak being one of the most obvious. Repricers also offer amazing utility when it comes to staying on top of your competitors.

But to a great extent the decisions should be sober and calculated when it comes to pricing and your decisions as scientific as possible.

If this is a topic you want to think more about, this white paper from rjmetrics will give you food for thought. It’s a free download packed full of interesting ideas about the pricing your ecommerce sales.