How big an ecommerce opportunity is New Zealand

One of the big talking points of ecommerce 2014 is overseas trading and getting whatever action it is you want from selling to customers elsewhere on the planet. It’s a massive opportunity and also potentially mired with pitfalls.

And one article caught my eye on Channel Advisor, not least because it punted out an idea which I haven’t seen promoted elsewhere. What about selling in and to New Zealand?

And I was reminded that NZ is an interesting ecommerce anomaly in that it’s one of few places where eBay tried to compete at the beginning of the 21st Century but ended up getting beaten squarely by local start-up TradeMe.

Anyway, it’s good to see that TradeMe is still fighting the good fight down in NZ and in the CA article, the Kiwi opportunity for ecommerce sellers is explored. Well worth a quick read with a morning coffee.