Have you updated your eBay shop yet?

In the last eBay seller release it announced new modern eBay shop templates available with a billboard image at the top, larger photos and some social media features along with the new eBay collections.

new look eBay Shops sp

I’ll be honest and say I’ve not seen a new eBay shop yet and most of the collections at the top of any page are from bloggers, magazine journalists, or eBay buyers rather than sellers.

There are probably two reasons why I’ve not seen a new look eBay shop. Firstly the truth is I hardly ever visit eBay shops as a buyer these days and with Best Match and ever increasing Free Postage there’s no incentive to make bulk purchases from a single seller.

Secondly, 90% of what I buy is purchased by mobile phone and not only do I not visit your shop, I probably don’t even read your item description or if I do look at it I’ll back out if it’s heavily templated and doesn’t display well on mobile. That’s not your fault as a seller, with the exception of a couple of pro-designers, eBay haven’t given sellers the tools to have a rich media description served to desktop users and a mobile friendly design for smaller screens.

The same is as true for eBay shops as it is for descriptions, only it’s even worse – on eBay’s mobile app I can’t even see your eBay shop, just “Items for Sale”!

In truth eBay shops (in my opinion), have a lot less value then they did 10 years ago, but it’s equally fair to say that they have a ton more value when you look at fees which makes having a shop imperative for most business sellers. Plus, even though large numbers of buyers are using mobile devices, there’s still a fair percentage using desktop browsers and, unless you have a customised shop, seeing as the new shop upgrade is free you might as well use it.

Have you upgraded your eBay shop?

If you’ve upgraded your eBay shop drop a link to it in comments below. We’d love to see some shops with the new billboard header and at the very least you’ll get some Tamebay readers clicking through to your shop and might get some extra sales.