Have you checked your PayPal fees recently? Claim the Merchant Rate.

Chris has been enocuraging you to check your eBay invoices for erroneous charges. And it was a good reminder for me to make our periodic post about the PayPal Merchant Rate. Are you paying PayPal too much?

Did you know that if you receive payments using PayPal, that there is a Merchant Rate that gives you lower, preferential fees the higher the volume of payments you take?

Plenty of you will be well aware of this perk but every time we make this post we get a grateful email or two from a seller who has managed to make a nice saving on their fees.

You see, PayPal don’t talk about the Merchant Rate and you must actively opt in to receive it. Those PayPal scoundrels don’t opt you in automatically.

So, find out all about it here. But the table below gives you a taster.