Have you checked your eBay fees lately?

eBay Invoice smIt sounds a bit obvious, but do you know what you’re paying for and are you still using all the services that you’ve signed up for? It’s worth casting an eye over your invoice every now and then to make sure you’re not wasting money.

That’s what Tamebay reader Tony did and discovered a line item on his eBay invoice for a sales report at £3.01 per month. Not having a clue what it might relate to he asked Tamebay and our first guess that it was for Sales Reports Plus turned out to be right.

Sales Reports Plus is one of those things you might never have been aware of signing up to – it comes free with some eBay shop subscriptions. If you cancel your shop subscription, even though you never signed up for it, you’ll need to cancel your Sales Report Plus subscription as well.

Another item you might forget to cancel is your Selling Manager Pro subscription which again comes for free with some eBay shop subscriptions. You might forget that it’s £4.99 per month if you’ve never paid for it, but cancel your shop and eBay will start billing you monthly.

For Tony it all turned out rather nicely. eBay checked and found that he’d never used Sales Reports Plus and as a one off discretionary gesture refunded all those £3 fees back to 2008 – a tidy sum of a £210 credit. In reality however we wouldn’t expect credits for all as a matter of routine and it’s up to you to make sure you cancel any subscriptions you don’t want to pay for.