eBay UK goes back to basics with SEO link building campaign

About a month ago, we reported that eBay had been the victim of a manual downgrade by Google. The result of this action meant that eBay’s prominence in the world’s most vital search engine results was significantly diminished.

It’s difficult to know exactly what that means and how severely eBay has been affected by what search engine gurus might term “black hat” SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques.

What we can say unequivocally is that Google’s actions were “a bad thing” for the marketplace and sellers. eBay pages have since not been as visible in Goggle search results.

In the past few days we have received information that eBay is trying to claw back its Google rankings with some very basic SEO tactics. Not least link building from blogs and other webpages seems to be their focus. No bad thing.

One blogger, who has been asked to update links on posts dating back to 2008, has been in touch. The email reads:

“I’m writing from the agency rankingCHECK from Cologne, Germany, where we are helping eBay with the quality assurance of eBay.co.uk.

We detected that your website XXX links to the eBay website.

eBay have changed their website structure in the meantime since the links were created, so the page you linked to do no longer exist. As this means the visitors to your website will be directed to an error page, it is advisable to update this links.

If you can correct the links and let me know I‘d be most grateful. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Now, I’ve removed the information regarding the exact links on the exact website but must note 3 concerns. The XXX is mine.

These queries do spring to mind:

– Why hasn’t eBay been cleverer with redirects on pages? If pages move, why not redirect as standard? It’s easy.
– Why is the written English so poor in the communication from an eBay engaged agency?
– Is this really the depth of the crisis? If eBay is wanting links from 2008 changed on blogs and websites, the problem may well be bigger than we imagine.

Let us know if you hear anything more.