Beware: a clever eBay spoof email is out there

Take care and double-check what you’re clicking on in the next few days when it comes to eBay related emails because a clever spoof email is doing the rounds.

It seeks to tempt you into providing your debit or credit card details to a dummy site by fooling you into thinking your eBay payment method card has expired. We’ve blurred user IDs and emails addresses in the image we display, needless to say.

A spoof email aims to trick people into giving up info by pretending to be from a reputable source. We’ve had numerous sellers alert us this evening to this clever email. You can find the image below.

This email looks especially plausible because it includes not just your eBay user ID but also your registered email. Eagle-eyed sellers have noticed that it is a spoof. We’ve seen no alerts from eBay on the matter.

We are forced to wonder if this sophisticated spoof is using information garnered by phishers and fraudsters from the hack eBay reported nearly a month ago, that happened earlier in the year.

Indeed, eBay has been very tight-lipped on what the result of that security breach might be. It has, however, asked all users to change their passwords.

But it isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility that the secure data stolen was User IDs and passwords which could be used in spoof/phishing emails. A change of password wouldn’t stop such information being so very useful for people who want to relieve you of your bank details via a spoof email.

Protect yourself by only relying on emails in your eBay My Messages account. If you need to update your card, they will tell you there.

Don’t click on any of the links you find in emails similar to one the we are showing below.

We’ll be asking eBay for clarification on this issue. Have no fear.