Short homepage problem on eBay UK

eBay UK reported on Friday that they experienced a technical issue that affected the eBay Uk hompage and Feed. What is quite clear is that it didnt last all that long and there wasnt much of a furore: we only had a handlful of emails here at Tamebay.

eBay made an announcement regarding the problem on Friday.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but what makes a glitch like this notable is that it has happened at all. I know that there are also sorts of eBay features with their unique foibles, but a system wide outage or major blow out is so very rare these days.

It wasn’t ever thus. One of the reasons why Tamebay was such a hit from its very earliest days was that it reported these glitches to sellers when otherwise eBay stayed silence. Just knowing that there was a general problem was indication enough that they could get on with something else.

Not only were outages or glitches more frequent they were more serious. I can personally recall hour long outages and longer over the years with the site utterly unusable by anyone.