Have you successfully reset your eBay password?

eBay password update on mobileeBay have been sending out emails asking users to change their passwords and have even managed to get a change password flow into the eBay apps which previously didn’t have a password change capability. However over the weekend we’ve been hearing of many difficulties from those trying to change their passwords.

We’ve been getting messages saying “We can’t invoice our buyers and can’t use eBay to buy things ourselves until we reset our password. But the password-reset emails & texts from eBay never arrive” and others saying they simply get “Page not available” when trying to do the reset.

Others have resorted to phoning eBay customer support and reporting delays getting through or simply getting cut off mid call.

You may also find it’s more than just a password reset you need to do. You may need to re-authenticate your eBay account with the third party tools you use. A new eBay token may need to be created before you can fully access your account from third party applications. Tradebox published instructions last week for their users, but check with your provider if you experience problems.

With 100s of 1000s of sellers returning to work today after the bank holiday with three day’s worth of orders to process finding their locked out of their eBay accounts until they update their passwords won’t be welcome. However we’ve also heard from some sellers that sales are down so it may well be buyers are also having problems resetting their passwords.

Have you managed to change your password and have you got full access to your eBay account. How were you bank holiday sales?