eBay UK: Double-check your Supersize picture fees. You may deserve a refund.

Back in March we reported that from the 15th of April Supersize pictures would be free on eBay UK. It was good news for sellers who were complying perfectly with the new Picture Standards.

But according to several readers who have been in touch, the implementation hasn’t all been plain sailing. There seems to be no problem with the fees when it comes new listings.

But if you are upgrading existing listings to include Supersize pictures it seems that the fees are still being applied. So if you have upgraded any listings to take advantage of the Supersize Picture offer, please do check that you haven’t been charged for them.

One seller reports having over £50 of fees on his account from upgrading ongoing listings and he has been in touch with eBay. I’m pleased to report that eBay have agreed the announcement wasn’t clear and they have applied refunds for the amounts accrued.

Here’s what the Seller Update page says:


I think it’s safe to say the information onsite isn’t clear with regards to updating existing listings to include Supersize so it’s good that eBay are doing the right thing on this one. Have you been affected?