eBay UK: “deanonymised DSRs” are starting to trickle through

Some eBay UK sellers have reported seeing the firs of the “deanonymised” DSRs in their Seller Dashboard. We wrote about it late last month.

In short, all transactions made after the 27th April will now not be subject to secret DSRs. You’ll see exactly who left you what score for every transaction.

One question to which the answer remains unclear is how long the download report of the full dashboard data takes to refresh. To be honest, in an ideal world, it should be real time and up to date. But we could settle for updated daily (it’s 2014!) or weekly at a pinch. But there definitely seems to be a lag longer than that right now.

One Tamebay correspondent reports that her DSR Dashboard download has just updated and the most recent transactions in it are only up to the 8th of the month. Previously they were valid to the 28th April. So who knows what the deal is there.

How are your “deanonymised” DSRs looking and will you be acting on the new information you have.