eBay UK: 20 free listings for Private Sellers per month now live

As we reported last month eBay will be changing some of the pricing for private sellers and those changes came into play today. You can read our piece on it from last month here and check out the official announcment here.

You can find the full details in the announcement, but the basics are that private sellers get 20 free listings per month (100 if you have a Shop) and after that it’s 35p a listing.

I see the merit in these changes: they are another step in greatly simplifying the fees structure, which used to be of byzantine complexity. And should meet the needs of most private sellers who trade as a hobby on the side. If you need much more thna these offers per month, I think you must be pretty close to trading as a business.

And don’t forget that eBay have also said they will still be holding regular fees promotions throughout the year despite the changes.