Can you help? “I need an automated hook up between DPD and Sage for parcel labels.”

We get lots of email enquiries every day here at Tamebay. Many of them we can answer and some we can’t. Here’s one I can’t answer. So I’m throwing it out to the experts – you, the Tamebay readers.

Have you got a solution?

Our correspondent asks: “We send out more than 200 parcels every day, using Sage 50 for orders and accounts and DPD as our courier.

Can you tell me if you know of software that integrates the process of entering the address into Sage to print a DPD label? Currently we have to manually enter this onto the DPD software to print a label.”

Obviously, manually entering addresses must prove to be a massive chunk of time in the working day and we’re all in favour of clever automation ideas. Have you got any tips for this seller?