Bag some Government workspace for free

It won’t be a surprise to many of you that government has spare desk space available across its doubtless gargantuan portfolio of property.

What may be more surprising is that citizens can potentially use it for free. I spotted this opportunity on the website under the Space for Growth banner. Check out that link for full deets.

Basically, if you can satisfy some basic security criteria, you can book and use desk space and meeting rooms (and maybe even storage and lab space) that is currently not used by the government. Some of the spaces might be going under the hammer soon or for more permanent premises, it’s a case that the government isn’t using the entirety of a space.

Some charges for services and the like might be levied, needess to say. But it’s an interesting idea. Alas, the variety and location of space isn’t that great or varied but all in all it’s no bad thing.

Check out this link for the various locations currently available.