Amazon launch Prep and Packaging store

You can now get Amazon-Preferred polybags, boxes, stretch wrap, bubble wrap and more directly from the new Amazon Prep and Packaging store.

Amazon say that they have a large selection of prepping products to help you with your every packaging need, including tapes and dispensers, boxes, stretch and bubble wrap, scanners and much more. Not only that but it’s Amazon preferred material so you know your FBA items will be acceptably packaged.

Scotch TapeThe thing is abnormally for Amazon they may not be the cheapest. I checked the first item displayed in the Amazon Prep and Packaging Store (Scotch Tape) and it was cheaper on eBay.

That said Amazon have an amazing capacity to deliver on time and if you’re in a rush or want a one stop shop for your packaging supplies it’s worth checking out. The eBay option offers delivery in a week’s time between “Thu. 29 May. and Mon. 2 Jun”, whereas on Amazon if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can get it tomorrow for free, or even without Prime they have a multitude of delivery options either chargeable or free.