Zero overseas fees for 14k eBay UK sellers

ebay international outreacheBay UK is upping the stakes as it seeks to persuade more sellers to sell more overseas: from 7th April 14,000 UK sellers will be able to sell for free on 4 international eBay sites.

Between now and October the selected 14k will enjoy no final value fees and zero insertion fees when they directly list on,, and It’s a pretty tasty offer for sellers who want to get their share of cross border trade.

Also included in the deal is help with the language. You also get a free 60-day trial translation with WebInterpret.

Murray Lambell, Director of International Trade at eBay Europe says: “We are continually thinking of ways to help online merchants grow their businesses. This promotion – with no fees and free translation tools – gives micro-multinationals the opportunity to expand overseas at low cost, providing a great buying experience and even more choice for shoppers.”

How do you know if you’re invited into this promotion? You can register your interest and find out here. (On that page you’ll also find some terms and conditions.) You might have been contacted already. There will also a webinar series about the scheme. Discover more here.

What are the downsides? It’s not entirely clear exactly how participants in this promo have been chosen and you won’t be too happy if you haven’t been invited and fancied a bit of the action. The comment from eBay on how sellers has been selected is vague: “eBay is offering this to sellers who have high potential to sell their goods internationally.” But there’s currently no indication on how that potential is determined.

If you are a seller on,, and, you’ve also just got some new competition from sellers who are flying in fee free to sell on that turf. That will annoy some.

I’m also not clear whether there are similar programmes running on European eBay sites that means that overseas sellers can sell fee free on eBay UK. I’ve asked eBay to clarify that.

But, all that said, if you are one of the happy chosen and you want to boost your international sales, this could be a really great opportunity for you to get started on some really competitive terms.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Have you been invited?