Seller reports Amazon refund of FBA item after 1 year

We received information about a most interesting case recently. And it would be interesting to hear whether anyone else has had similar experiences.

Here’s the story from a Tamebay reader and Amazon FBA seller:

“We’ve been selling on Amazon using FBA for many years. Occasionally we saw that a customer had returned something to Amazon after several months – even over a year, and Amazon customer services had refunded the customer in full and taken the money out of our account. In these cases when we opened a case to FBA support they issued us with a reimbursement for the full amount.”

“Recently I noticed that a customer who purchased an electrical beauty device in March 2013 on one of our FBA DE listings had been given a full refund (134 EUR). I applied for the usual reimbursement and was told:

‘As previously mentioned, our policy to reimburse sellers when we receive a customer return 30 days outside the stated return window does not apply to items in defective condition. This is valid if the buyer returns the defective item within 2 years.

This rule does not apply only to DE. On 13th March 2014, we launched the Seller Immunity defective use case in the EU region, which will no longer immunise Sellers for Customer returns that are defective.

In the EU, there is a law that “the seller is liable … where the lack of conformity becomes apparent within two years as from the moment of delivery” (full law attached). This is a guarantee that is legally afforded to EU Customers by Sellers, and FBA will no longer absorb the cost of this guarantee.

Therefore, Amazon will no longer reimburse Sellers for Customer returns that are defective and received back within two years.'”

As the seller notes: “This is extremely disconcerting that all of the items sold between 2 and 24 months ago by FBA could potentially be returned to Amazon for a full refund if they go faulty. It is our understanding that a customer is entitled to a repair or replacement but not a refund but we’re not given an opportunity to sort this out for the customer. Instead they’re just given a full refund.”

Has anyone had a similar experience or communication from Amazon?