New eBay UK Seller Standards and Defects: have you tried Descoring?

It’s been about a week now since the new Seller Dashboard was released on eBay UK. You’ll doubtless have had time to examine your new seller status and evaluate what the new rules (which formed part of the Spring Seller Release and come into effect in August) will mean for your eBay trading.

To say that we have been overwhelmed by emails and comments would be fair: it’s not often that an announced change on eBay has caused so much disquiet and inquiry to arrive in the Tamebay inbox.

Two things that I’ve learnt from such correspondence must be reported:

Firstly, it’s interesting to note that there is a “descoring” process available via the new Seller Dashboard that allows you to appeal the Defects. So, if you think one of your Defects is inaccurate, there exists a mechanism by which you can appeal. That’s good to know.

Secondly, we’ve heard from several sellers who have successfully used that process to significantly improve their seller status. The most notable case I’ve heard of is the seller who managed to have half a dozen Defects descored and thus restored his Top Seller Rating (TRS) from Below Standard.

We asked eBay for comment and they provided Tamebay with this statement:

“We advise sellers to use the information now available on the seller dashboard preview and the transaction defect report to identify root causes of any defects to prevent them occurring in the future. Rather than focusing on a single defect, sellers can use these tools to understand any trends or patterns in performance as this is what will benefit both sellers and their buyers going forwards.”

“Where sellers can see defects for cancelled transactions or unresolved cases we’ve seen this is most likely when the process flows on eBay haven’t been used. We advise sellers to always make sure the transaction is logged correctly and any communication with the buyer is through eBay. This way we can see what is happening which is really important.”

“The reason that we are making these changes is based on data that highlights what matters most to buyers and we’ve seen when such defects occur the buyer will shop less on eBay. This is why the new performance standards have been aligned with buyer expectations.”

It’s up to you and how your new status as a seller has landed to decide whether it’s worth your time and effort to wrangle with eBay customer support to get even a handful of Defects descored. But with single strikes having a huge impact on TRS benefits, it’s definitely something to be considered.

Have you successfully had a defect Descored? Do let us know.