New eBay UK Seller Dashboard doesn’t track PayPal refunds

Since the new eBay Seller Dashboard was revealed last week, we’ve had numerous emails from sellers as everyone has been getting to grips with the new system. You can see our post about appeals and descoring here.

It’s a good job that the new Seller Standards don’t come into effect until August, because there’s a lot to get to grips with.

And one key detail that has come to light this week regards how eBay tracks refunds. It’s vital that you make your refund through the eBay process because otherwise you might still suffer a Defect. The refunds you make through PayPal are not automatically tracked by the the Seller Dashboard.

As eBay noted in a statement to Tamebay yesterday: “Where sellers can see defects for cancelled transactions or unresolved cases we’ve seen this is most likely when the process flows on eBay haven’t been used. We advise sellers to always make sure the transaction is logged correctly and any communication with the buyer is through eBay. This way we can see what is happening which is really important.”

Of course, and it has to be said, that eBay Inc. company PayPal doesn’t seamlessly connect with the eBay Marketplace to make sure that refunds are tracked (and we mean this charitably) is shabby. But that’s the system for now, it seems.

In such past cases, prior to your knowledge of this information, you may have defects related to refunds… and you might want to consider the descoring process to tell eBay Inc’s left hand how you’ve been serving customers ably and correctly with its right hand.